My aim is to demystify the cooking process by thoroughly breaking down each step of the process, and offering easy to understand instruction.



Lagniappe is a word commonly used in Louisiana, the state I called home for my first 18 years. Lagniappe is pronounced lan-yap. Lagniappe is something given as a bonus or extra gift. The free donut in a baker's dozen is lagniappe. The free sticker you get from an Etsy vendor is lagniappe.

This blog is my lanyap to you.

My aim is to demystify the cooking process by thoroughly breaking down each step of the process, and offering easy to understand instruction. I’d rather give too much information than let you wonder what you should be doing while the onion is burning and you are contemplating another frozen bbq chicken pizza. (Don't get me wrong, I do keep a frozen pizza in the fridge but it shouldn't be an everyday necessity.)

Anyone who can follow directions can cook.

About Chris – In high school, I was a double threat in the kitchen. I could microwave hot dogs and follow cookie recipes.

When I started college, I had a meal plan. After that first year, I thought it would be a better value if I fed myself – and I’ve never liked school cafeteria food. That second year, I ate mostly bagels, peanut butter sandwiches, frozen burritos, and hummus. Third year I decided it was time to cook real food (and get over the fear of cooking meat). What did I make first? Ground beef with a "taco" seasoning packet. Baby steps.

 Then I started watching a lot of Food Network. I noticed some patterns: cook the onions first, then add the garlic, then add the liquid. Seeing someone cooking is so helpful and I recommend you find at least one cooking show you like and watch every episode. You will start to pick up on techniques and processes that are common across many recipes.

 Since I had little money I had to be resourceful. I learned a lot of tricks, how to stretch the dollar, and how to cook meals on a tight budget.

Now, I just like cooking. Chopping vegetables, standing over the stove – the process is meditative. My family always cooks a big meal over the holidays and I used to be the butternut squash soup guy. Then I became the guy that will chop those veggies for you. Now I am the guy that wants to do everything but cook the goose. Seriously, let someone else cook the bird – it’s more fun to cook everything else.

I also like empowering others to cook. Being told someone cooked what you recommended and it was delicious is higher praise than receiving compliments on food you cook for others.

I started this blog because I was already e-mailing recipes to friends and family. I just thought it would be easier to create a website and send them a link. I wrote all of these recipes and they are all things I eat.